How to help at home with my child / young person's understanding, talking or communication

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The resources here will help you reach the outcome: "I know what changes I can make at home that make understanding and communicating easier for the young adult in my family."

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Parent information, advice and resources - Worcestershire

The Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy service website provides a comprehensive range of resources, advice and You Tube videos to help parents to support their child / young person at home. 

Visit the website to find:

  • Information about speech, language and communication
  • Free resources you can download and use at home
  • Links to our You Tube channel where you will find demonstrations of activities you can do at home
  • Further information about the local team, where we work and what services we provide 

Cost: Free

Parent information, advice and resources - Worcestershire
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Family SupportEnvironmentIntervention
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